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  • Continuously Conforms to the Movements of Your Head and Neck
  • Folds and Adjusts to Your Preferred Sleeping Position
  • Memory Foam-like Alternative that is Gentler on Pressure Points

Pillows Filled with Memorelle Fiber are More Gentle On Pressure Points

Color map image shows the pressure created by the weight of the head on a pillow. The large blue area on the pillow filled with dacron Memorelle Fiber indicates lower pressure as weight is more spread out. Higher pressure on the memory foam pillow is more concentrated, as shown in red.

Memorelle Fiber Exhibits Similar "Settling In" Characteristics as Memory Foam

The time in seconds for a given weight to "settle in" to a pillow. The average weight of a sleeper's head is within the green range.

Also Available with Temperature Management Technology and Antimicrobial Technology

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dacron CoolFX Fiber Technology Moves Excess Heat and Moisture Away From The Body.

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dacron CleanFX Fiber Technology Protects Against Mold, Mildew and Odor-Causing Bacteria.

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