Let's Face It. Some of Us Sleep Hot, but Imagine a Bedding Solution that Helps to Keep You Cool and Comfortable.

CoolFX Technology Moves Heat and Moisture Away From the Sleeper

The 3° CoolFX Advantage is Tested to be 3-Degrees Cooler*

The 5° CoolFX Advantage is Tested to be 5-Degrees Cooler*


*Refers to the temperature change of moisture in an accelerated test compared to conventional pillow material


How Does CoolFX Work?

CoolFX Temperature Management Technology

CoolFX Temperature Management Pillow Technology

CoolFX Temperature Management Comforter Technology

Memorelle Fiber Contours to the Shape of Your Head and Neck with Responsive Fibers that Mimic Memory Foam.

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Silky Soft Fiber Cradles Your Head and Neck with Ultra-Fine Fibers that Feel Like Down.

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Supreme Loft Fiber Provides Firm Head and Neck Support, Long-lasting Fullness and High Loft.

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