NEW YORK - The Fall 2018 INVISTA showroom marked the launch of the new look of dacron. With a simplified brand architecture and more intuitive names, the premium, branded fiber company shared how the new system will simplify the consumer shopping experience.


2018 Fall Showroom Highlights

Anchored in The Science Behind a Good Night's Sleep, dacron started the showroom tour with an overview of the portfolio and the physical characteristics that distinguish performance fiber.
CoolFX Fiber Technology addresses one of the hottest trends in sleep science. Available in all three support experiences, you are sure to sleep more comfortably with CoolFX.
With dacron CleanFX Fiber technology you can have that fresh sheet feeling, longer. Available in Memorelle Fiber, Silky Soft Fiber and Supreme Loft Fiber, dacron has a head-to-toe bedding solution, just for you.
dacron Fiber has proven durability benefits so you can compress, ship and save.
Each fiber in the dacron portfolio can provide a unique sleeping experience. Memorelle Fiber contours, Silky Soft Fiber is downlike and Supreme Loft Fiber has springlike loft and firmness, what’s your preference?
Ever seen what lives in your pillow? Unfortunately, we have... But with our CleanFX Fiber Technology, it won't be living there long!
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