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[excerpted by permission from the book Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible For All Ages by Dr. Thomas Potisk, ©2010 Maven Mark Books. For more information, visit ]

Consistency is key to improving sleep. Here are several protocols to consider.

1. Keep control over the situation. Don’t watch TV or read until you fall asleep. Have a regular bed time and give it a lot of priority. Always set an alarm clock, even when you can sleep later than usual. Having a regular, consistent wakening time is much easier on your health.

2. Many chiropractic patients report more restful sleep after receiving chiropractic adjustments. The treatment not only relieves pain but calms the nervous system.

3. One nutritional supplement that commonly helps insomnia is magnesium. Take 300 mg before bedtime. It is a mild relaxant and can be used during the day also for nervousness and anxiety. Dr. Tom Potisk, one of America's top natural health practioners, says it is non-addictive and most people experience no side effects.

4. Get more exercise, both mentally and physically. Do it to a point when you feel the need for rest. Lack of exercise is the single most common cause of poor sleep. (Consult with your physician before undertaking any exercise program.)

If you have become quite sedentary, remember that everyone needs to have goals and challenges every day. Keep at least your mind active if not your body, and chances are you will sleep better at night.

Dr. Tom Potisk is one of America's top natural health practitioners, who provides information and tips to help Americans make wiser healthcare decisions, save money and time, and become healthier. His books and articles are created to help empower patients and provide alternatives from depending on conventional medical care alone. Dr. Potisk's extensive training and experience, combined with his easy-to-implement instructions, are revolutionizing healthcare worldwide. For more information, visit

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