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Four Natural Suggestions to Overcoming Sleep Difficulties

Sleep is nourishing, so it's important to do it well. But for many people, falling and staying asleep can be a challenge. Before you run to the medicine cabinet for a sleep aid, try these four simple tips.

1. Don't eat anything other than a light, healthy snack three hours or less before you go to bed. Digestive activity, particularly by the stomach, can disrupt sleep patterns.

2. Invest in the best mattress and pillow you can find. To improve your sleep, make sure to both rotate and flip your mattress at least seasonally.

3. If your sleep difficulty stems from unwanted thoughts, keep a paper and pen handy near your bed. Put those thoughts on paper and out of your head. Deal with those thoughts another time. You may want to consider doing this routinely; start a diary or journal, making entries each evening. It's no coincidence that a high percentage of historically great people kept diaries.

4. Move the furniture around in your sleeping quarters, particularly your bed position. Says Dr. Tom Potisk, one of America's top natural health practitioners, “I don't know why this works, but many report that shifting the position of the bed can improve their insomnia.”

Lastly, accept that some people may not need eight hours of sleep daily. Many people do fine with six or fewer hours of sleep; you might be one of them.

Dr. Tom Potisk is one of America's top natural health practitioners, who provides information and tips to help Americans make wiser health care decisions, save money and time, and become healthier. His books and articles are created to help empower patients and provide alternatives from depending on conventional medical care alone. Dr. Potisk's extensive training and experience, combined with his easy-to-implement instructions, are revolutionizing health care worldwide. For more information, visit

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