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I Wish My Memory Foam Pillow Wasn't So Stiff

You like the support of memory foam, but you've got issues with its stiffness. You suspect that you'd sleep better if your memory foam pillow was more flexible to the way you sleep.

Well, before you lose another 40 winks, consider a pillow filled with DACRON® MEMORELLE® fiberfill built on DACRON® SMART technology — a memory foam-like alternative that's gentler on pressure points and softly cradles a sleeper's movement. DACRON® MEMORELLE® fiberfill provides nearly the equivalent head and neck support of a memory foam pillow but folds and adjusts to your preferred sleeping position without the excessive heat.

Along with the technical benefits, DACRON® MEMORELLE® fiberfill is also odorless, machine washable and dryable, and its pillows fit into standard pillow cases.

Look for DACRON® MEMORELLE® and the DACRON® brand logo on the package to ensure you are getting the genuine memory foam-alternative fiberfill.

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