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Lifestyle Blogger Declares Pillows with DACRON® Fiberfill "Top of Our List"

All it takes to experience The DACRON® Difference is a few nights’ sleep on pillows with DACRON® fiberfill. Just ask the family behind the Frugality is Free blog.

They tested out two Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON® FOAMESSENCE® fiberfill during a four–week period. The pillows, available at Anna's Linens Luxury Lane stores and on their website, feature a premium DACRON® fiberfill with SMART memory technology. Along with being hypoallergenic and machine-washable, this fiberfill actually adjusts to your preferred sleeping position while providing softness throughout the night.

But enough about the tech. Here are some snippets from their up-close-and-personal look at DACRON® fiberfill:

"Oh, that first night with the Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON® FOAMESSENCE® fiberfill started out great, as the pillows kept their fluffiness. It was truly a treat to finally have soft, comfortable pillows, which kept their poofiness throughout the entire night."

"These pillows are by far my favorite pillows…the new pillow gives me good neck support without being too hard or too soft."

The frugal family's final verdict?

"The softness, support and shape of the new Lc Luxury Pillows with DACRON® fiberfill far exceeds that of the rest of the pillows in our bed…the quality seems to be superior to any other pillows we've tested. As for our quest for the best pillow, the Lc Luxury Pillows are at the top of our list."

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