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The Fine Art of Firework Watching

The Americana holiday is finally upon us. While celebrations of American independence began in 1776, the Fourth of July only became a federal holiday in 1941. And boy, does it get bigger every year. The pomp. The circumstance. The grilled delicacies. But what seems to excite Americans the most are the fireworks.

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In fact, the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) estimates that more than 14,000 fireworks are used each 4th of July1. Annually, around 217 million pounds of fireworks are purchased in the United States2 That's a lot of gunpowder. And a lot of eyes to the skies. Here are some helpful ideas on what you'll need to make your Fourth of July firework celebration as spectacular as the illuminations themselves.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Avoiding burns and bugs are a must in the sweltering summer heat. Apply and reapply sunscreen regularly if you know you're going to be outside for long stretches and don't forget to put some on the tops of your ears! Be careful with bug spray if dealing with fireworks since most insect repellant is flammable.


While staring up at the show above, the last thing you need is a crick in the neck. Pillows with DACRON® fiberfill are engineered to be easy on pressure points so you'll watch the fireworks in comfort and style.


Blankets are versatile. They can create cushion on rough surfaces and reserve your viewing turf from other firework-watching scavengers. If you want to really impress, bring a comforter with DACRON® fiberfill. They're soft, durable and cover more space so you can stretch out and relax.

Stocked Cooler

If you're going to make a day or night out of a firework show, come prepared with the proper food and drink to keep yourself happy, hydrated and full. PB&J sandwiches in plastic bags are easy and tasty. Avoid glass bottles. And don't forget, more ice is always better than not enough.

1American Pyrotechnics Association, 2014 report,

2U.S. Department of Commerce & U.S. International Trade Commission, Imports for Consumption, cumulative reports, 2000-2013.

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