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Fiberfill 101: The Technology Science Behind a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep often depends on how comfortable your pillow is. And because comfort is almost solely determined by the fill, it’s important to understand the technology that goes into creating it.

Five components determine how fiberfill performs inside your pillow:

1. Denier: Denier is the weight-per-unit length of a fiber measured in grams per 9,000 meters. In plain English, that means lower numbers represent fine or smaller sizes while higher numbers represent coarser or larger sizes. The common denier range for pillows is 6-10 deniers and can help you identify your desired pillow density.

2. Cut Length: This measurement is the actual length of single fiber when it is fully extended with no visible crimp. Cut length will vary, depending on the manufacturing process.

3. Crimp Shape: Put simply, this is the waviness of a fiber measured in “waves” (or crimps) per inch. Crimp types come in many shapes, such as “sawtooth,” “spiral” or “omega.” Crimp impacts the softness/firmness, support and loft of the fiber. More crimps per inch make the fiber feel firmer; less crimps per inch make the fiber feel softer.

4. Cross Section: Cross section varies by shape and refers to the shape of the fiber; round, pentalobal, trilobal or adding holes (voids). The most common cross section is “single hole round.” A hollow, round cross section provides more filling power per pound of fiber verses solid round.

5. Slickner: This is a surface modifier that reduces the surface tension or friction on the fiber’s surface. It makes the fiber softer, more resilient, washable and more durable than dry fiber.

For example, you might find a fiber specification which read as follows: 10 denier, 3” cut length, omega crimp, hollow, high-void fiber. You may not see it worded exactly that way on the pillow package, however, so how do you decide on the type of fiberfill that will meet your slumber needs?

Look for a branded fiberfill. With fiber like DACRON® brand fiberfill, you can be assured that the characteristics of each fill type are carefully engineered and consistently delivered. So you can relax and know your pillow will maintain the look and feel you’ve selected, night after night.

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